about us

Mission, vision and motto



Professionalism and expertise are our key strengths, so we want to be recognized by a dedicated relationship to each patient individually, in order to achieve quality and lasting changes in the lives of our patients.

We have gathered the most eminent doctors in the region, in order to provide quality health service to our patients. Our medical staff has knowledge and experience not only with patients care, but as well in managing modern devices, with sole purpose of precise and detalied analysis and diagnostics.


Today, we have a team of professionals, who do really have impact on patients lifes and health with their knowledge and expereince. We belive that constant innovation and investment in knowledge and technical exqipment is the key factor for growth and development. From the day one, there has been only one idea- idea of a team. Hospital organization has been based on the same idea.

Additionally, diagnosys is the first and most important step in further treatment of the patients. This is why, our hospital has based its strategy on holistic approach to every single patient individually, having the team complimented on diagnosys and health service that must be presented and provided to the patient.


Health has a new name.